Temptation Cancun Resort’s Rooms in Cancún

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Temptation Cancun Resort’s Rooms

Rooms resort Cancún

The rooms at the Temptation Cancun Resort go beyond a place of relaxation and take you to a place of excitement. The experience begins with the ocean view, then the jacuzzis, and finally the sexiest private experiences.

Trendy Garden View

In these rooms, the garden is the perfect backdrop to your vacation. Feel the breeze and breathe in the party atmosphere and freedom from your room’s balcony. Your space, with the latest technology and a ...

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    Trendy Ocean View

    Gaze at the spectacular Cancun seafront from your balcony, whether that’s with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine under the influence of the moon. Create memories with once-in-a-lifetime spontaneity.

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      Trendy Garden View Playful Experience

      For a more entertaining stay, choose the Trendy Garden View Playful Experience category with incredible, exclusive benefits to experience Temptation.

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        Trendy Ocean View Playful Experience

        You’ll have one of the best ocean views in the whole resort. These rooms include a balcony where you can breathe in the refreshing sea breeze while you enjoy a cold drink. Also, the Playful ...

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          Plush Jacuzzi Room

          Plan a sexy night in your room’s jacuzzi with the minibar’s most refined spirits. The jacuzzi relaxation system and the decor will motivate you to cross the threshold of boldness.

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            Plush Jacuzzi Room Playful Experience

            With a designer, cutting-edge decor, this room will make all your senses tremble. Just by entering the room, or getting into its outdoor jacuzzi, will instantly submerge you in a world of delightful possibilities. Your ...

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              Seduction Oceanfront Playful Experience

              Enjoying a dip in the jacuzzi with a view overlooking the ocean is not the only thing in this room. With the Playful Experience, you also have access to special services and activities for a ...

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                Bash Tower Ocean View

                Don’t miss one moment of the party. With views over the Sexy Pool and the Caribbean sea, you won’t just see entertainment from afar – you’ll feel ready to join in. When the time comes ...

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                  Lush Tower Oceanfront Suite

                  These rooms offer an enchanting view. You can choose to relax with an ocean view, or, if your prefer, feed your curiosity by watching the games at the Sexy Pool. Enjoy yourself, too, in the ...

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                    Bash Tower Ocean View Playful Experience

                    In the Bash Tower Ocean View Playful Experience category, you will enjoy additional sexy benefits. Book a Bali bed in the Sexy Pool area and confidently experiment with your spirit within, or if you prefer ...

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                      Lush Tower Oceanfront Playful Experience Suite

                      As well as all the sexy amenities in Lush Tower Oceanfront rooms, our Playful Experience rooms offer a package including services, gifts and added benefits that will take your experience to the next level. Enjoy ...

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                        Temptation Oceanfront Master Suite

                        In these rooms, you can also face the ocean and enjoy it from the spectacular balcony, surrounded by conceptual furniture. Every memory will be unforgettable if you choose to submerge yourself in the jacuzzi.

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                          Temptation Oceanfront Penthouse

                          These rooms are the very definition of comfort. Guests in these rooms have butler service and concierge assistance at both the beach and pool. And there is a great deal more entertainment with the private ...

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                            Ladies Take Over Ocean-View Room

                            Our Ladies Take Over Ocean-View Rooms (40.46 m2
                            ) are exclusively for women only,
                            and include additional gifts, services, and amenities only included in this category.

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                              Seduction Oceanfront Suite

                              Rest in style after the party. In the privacy of your room, enjoy the bubbly fun of the jacuzzi for two (jacuzzi kit included), an impressive shower and other adventurous amenities.

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