Temptation Grand Miches Resort’s Rooms in Miches, El Seybo

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Temptation Grand Miches Resort’s Rooms

Rooms resort Miches, El Seybo

Among the variety of rooms that we have at the Temptation Grand Miches Resort, the balconies and private jacuzzis are areas of pleasure. Whether you’re on the beach or in the tropical gardens unique to Miches, take in the exotic atmosphere so that the fun can continue in the bedroom.

Fantasy Tropical View Rooms

These rooms stand out for their details in gold and chocolate, combining pleasure and exclusivity. Spacious balconies with an area for resting, as well as a minibar, are included in these 58 rooms measuring ...

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    Intimacy Tropical View Jacuzzi Rooms

    An evening in the jacuzzi, or in the sitting room, with views over the resort’s tropical garden, promises a new level of closeness with your partner. These 14 rooms, measuring 69.10 m², are designed for ...

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      Lovescape Tropical View Jacuzzi Rooms

      With a sitting room, balcony, and views over the resort’s gardens, these 14 rooms measuring 69.10 m² add freshness and mystery to the sensual atmosphere of its architecture. Their jacuzzis are perfect for a couple’s ...

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        Passion Pool View Jacuzzi Suites

        With the spacious area, measuring 69.10 m², and the sea view that these 4 suites have, you and your partner will enjoy unparalleled moments of pure ecstasy. For more pleasure, rest on the balcony sofa ...

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          Affair Jacuzzi Grand Suites

          These rooms, measuring 70.85 m², with a balcony and minibar, also offer a private jacuzzi and sitting room for intimate, passionate moments. We have 12 Affair Jacuzzi Grand Suites with small details to encourage your ...

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            Lovers Swim Up Grand Suites

            The top echelon of delight. With two levels and a balcony with a jacuzzi, totaling 132.75 m², surrender yourself to the details and services of these 12 loft-style suites. Any kind of get-together or gathering ...

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